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I write blog posts every once in a while. Sometimes they are about code. Other times they are about my other passion projects such as wine! It is a place for me to document the cool things I do, and try to improve on my writing.

I wanna read your posts!


I recently got my hands on a Fujifilm X-T20 camera as per the reccomendation of roommate. I started out with 0 knowledge of cameras. ISO, aperture, shutterspeed? No idea what their functions were or how I should use them. So i signed up for a photography course at the uni I would be studying at in Australia! This is the result of that class and some photos I like that I have taken!

show me the photos!


I really like movies! I'll be the first to admit that I am lacking in terms of cinema. I'm not someone who's watched a ton of indie movies, or someone who can rattle off a long list of foreign films. That said I want to expand my view and watch more movies in the future, and I've seen many obscure films. Because my friends and I try to get together about once a week for movie night, I decided to start writing about them. Just some general thoughts, not really reviews as I'm not a critic but just enough for me to enjoy myself!

what does he mean by obscure